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May 5, 2020

Virtual tours, should you create one or not?

Today's guest is tourpreneur, Jessica Hammer, from Taste of Toulouse food tours. Jessica also wondered whether she should be creating virtual tours, so she asked herself seven questions, reflected on her answers, and decided that no, she wasn't going to use her resources on building a virtual tour.

In today's episode, she talks us through the 7 questions she asked herself. She reveals some of those answers and shares her thinking on why she decided creating virtual tours of her food tours is not right for her business.

If you feel the FOMO or that you're feeling the urge to follow other tour operators and create a virtual tour, is to also ask yourself the same seven questions and really reflect on those answers, and decide for yourself whether a virtual tour is a good use of your time and resources.

I know some of our listeners are enjoying success with virtual tours. I would love to invite you to the show so you can share with us how you've set your virtual tours up? What were the key components? What were the costs? How did you market it? What's the reaction been? Are you making money? How are you measuring success? And because we are an independent podcast, we are always are happy to host different opinions on these issues. Get in touch if you want to share more about your virtual tours on the podcast.